Winter Hazards

Icy, slippery conditions may exist everywhere you go! Even when streets and driveways are plowed and sidewalks shoveled, ice may still exist making slips and falls all too easy.

Perhaps even more dangerous is the potential for roof slides! Before sitting, standing or walking under roof eaves, please check roof tops for snow and ice collecting on them indicating potential for slide off. This can be extremely dangerous!

In addition, the cold weather itself can be dangerous. Sunny “blue bird” sky days can be deceiving so always be prepared for the cold!

To Prevent Cold Injury:

  • Dress in Layers
  • Bring Extra Clothes for Sudden Temperature Changes
  • Wear Properly Fitting Boots and Gloves
  • Avoid Wet Clothing
  • Drink and Eat Frequently
  • Stop to Warm Up Often
  • Watch Each Other For Warning Signs

Other high alpine risks:

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