White Water Rafting with KODI!

My White Water Rafting with KODI

“Woo! A two-fer!” The constant high pitched excited chant referring to only the two of us who would be rafting the Numbers in addition to our KODI guide. It was a beautiful Wednesday morning in Buena Vista, Colorado and I was attempting to carry my portion of the raft down to the launch site. (If you didn’t already know this – those rafts are heavy!)

With only one rest stop and careful instruction from our guide Eitan we made it from the parking lot down to the Arkansas River with little delay. We were now ready for our white water rafting adventure with KODI! As semi-seasoned rafters we opted for the Numbers Trip, where previous rafting experience is recommended and a moderate level of fitness is expected.

The beginning of the trip was a gentle slow float where we took in the beautiful scenery and practiced our paddling. As our KODI guide shouted a couple test commands I realized I fooled myself into thinking that only having to sync my paddling with one other person on the boat would be easier than a raft full of people. Not so much – not only were we on different speeds, but also neither of us could manage to figure out our left and right sides correctly. Our white water rafting trip with KODI was off to a challenging start!

Luckily, with some encouragement from Eitan we managed to straighten things out before we hit our first rapid. This is where the real fun began! We were doing great and handling each rapid like a pro! Our guide was so confident in our skills he set us up to surf one of bigger rapids.

Fighting against our normal instinct to paddle downstream and away from the rock we headed straight towards it and watched as our raft filled with shockingly cold water. Eitan continually instructed us to “Keep paddling, keep paddling!” and the water level continued to rise. A photographer was just above us looking down with smiles capturing these fantastically cold moment on camera.

As we ended our surf session our water filled boat emptied and we continued on enjoying the sunny weather and the rapids. Just before the end of our white water rafting trip with KODI we pulled off to the side to jump through the “Swiss Cheese” hole, a large rock with a sizeable hole in the middle.

I passed my sunglasses off to my guide and lowered myself into the hole so when I let go I would slide straight into the water. Apparently my face said it all, as I was emerging from the water as the family on the other boat who was also considering taking the plunge before I went in suddenly decided that staying dry in their raft was a better option. No regrets though! I mean how often do you get to swim in the Arkansas River?!

Once back in the boat it was a quick 200 yards to our output concluding our white water adventure with KODI. The bus ride back was short and sweet. We ended our day by laughing at the photos from the morning and playing with the furry pups outback. Similar to Breckenridge, everyone in Buena Vista has a dog too!

We had a great time white water rafting with KODI and hope that you will too! Remember if you mention that you are guests of Book Breck they will provide you with a 10% discount.

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