Vacation Rental Management Companies: Why smaller may be the better choice

Choosing a small, boutique firm ensures better home maintenance, attention to detail, and guest satisfaction.

In today’s ever-changing vacation rental industry, often the little things can be overlooked.

Vacation rental management companies have many aspects to their business, and their priorities can vary. Having a larger inventory and more overhead can result in details falling through the cracks. This is why it’s important for homeowners to exercise their due diligence before selecting a vacation rental management company. Larger companies might seem like a safe bet. However, it’s oftentimes the smaller firms that deliver the better service.

Book Breck Vacation Homes is celebrating 10 years as a premium boutique Breckenridge vacation rental company. Owner Imane Deininger states, “We’ve intentionally stayed small to have the necessary flexibility to provide exceptional service and maintain pristine homes for our homeowners.”

Care of your home

Book Breck always prioritizes care of the home over all else. “A big part of our job is screening the guests to ensure they are the right fit for each home,” says Deininger. Book Breck takes the time to foster a personalized and welcoming relationship with every guest who stays in their homes, which makes guests more likely to take care of the home they are renting.

Personalized owner experience

By managing fewer homes, Book Breck makes sure every single home receives detailed attention. “Our entire staff can tell you about every one of our homes, who their owners are, and those owner’s individual needs” says Kristi Stanford, Office Administrator of Book Breck. “We get to know the nuances of each home, know the homeowners on a personal level and provide every home with attentive care and organization.”

Responsive service

Book Breck’s inventory of homes is located solely in the Breckenridge area so that staff members are never too far away for a quick response. “When the homes are vacant on the coldest days, for example, we are checking thermostats and pipes.” says Stanford. Because of the staff-to-homes ratio at Book Breck, these types of services are the standard, not the exception!

Exceeded expectations; no false promises

Some homeowners may wonder if this level of attention to detail and exceptional care of their home comes at the cost of weak marketing efforts and reduced revenue. Fortunately for homeowners, boutique management companies, like Book Breck, are just as successful at generating revenue as the larger companies. Today’s most popular listing sites such as Airbnb and HomeAway level the playing field. “Book Breck is a Premier Partner on HomeAway thanks to our consistent positive reviews, diligence in responding to inquiries, and ability to meet guest needs,” says Deininger. “Managing fewer homes means we’re nimble. If we notice a home is not renting as well as it should, we strategize how to turn things around for that owner well in advance.” Also, the personalized guest experience that smaller management firms offer provides an edge in getting repeat guests, thereby delivering competitive occupancy and revenue generation.

If you haven’t heard of Book Breck before, the stellar reviews on Google, TripAdvisor, and VRBO speak for themselves. So does the fact that despite being a boutique management company, Book Breck was voted among Summit County’s Top 3 Property Management Companies for 2017!

This article appeared originally in the 2018 Summer Edition of Explore Summit, a Summit Daily publication. 

Book Breck by 360 Blue is an award-winning vacation rental company located in Breckenridge, Colorado.

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