The Country Boy Mine in Breckenridge, Colorado

Are you hungry for gold? Step in to history at the Country Boy Mine in Breckenridge, Colorado where you will be transported back to 1887 when the mine was originally established. This family-friendly adventure is great for kids and parents alike so feel free to bring everyone along.

As you venture 1000 feet down into the mountain with a hard hat on your head and the sounds of the drill punctuating your every movement you will begin to understand what it was like for some of the earliest miners. Your detailed tour at the Country Boy Mine will last approximately 45 minutes and will highlight the intricate history and working operations of the mine today.

After the tour grab your pan and join the other families by the river to start your search. Real gold still populates the waters so give it your best shot. The law of the land states “finders keepers” so anything you find is yours!

The fun continues with a slide down the 55 foot ore chute based off the original ore chute that miners used to send down the ore that needed to be separated. There are also historic pictures and exhibits that allow you to further immerse yourself in the history of the Country Boy Mine.

As the last authentic underground mine in Breckenridge Country Boy Mine is truly an original family-friendly experience that you cannot miss! Between the history, the gold panning and the slide you will leave with long-lasting memories that you won’t find anywhere else.

If you have any questions about the Country Boy Mine or our rentals be sure to give Book Breck Vacation Homes a call!

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