Summit Shuttle- Summit Water Taxi

T he crown jewel of Summit County, the Dillon Reservoir (also known as Lake Dillon) is home to the world's highest deep-water marina in Dillon, Colorado. Views of the lake from Highway 9 cannot be missed upon the short drive from Frisco to Breckenridge. If time allows, visitors should consider visiting the shores to round out the Summit County experience and bask in the beauty of its blue waters.

The easiest way to fully experience Lake Dillon is via the Summit Shuttle, a water taxi that transports guests across the lake back and forth from the Dillon and Frisco Marinas. Water taxi riders can travel one way from either marina or take a round trip from either marina. The Summit Shuttle can even be part of a full day adventure with a bike ride from one marina to another, lunch and/or drinks at the Frisco Marina, and water taxi back across. Both bikes and dogs are welcome aboard for an additional $3 fee. Call or text 970-389-9336 to book or for more information.

While adventure seekers love Summit County for its countless outdoor activities, the Summit Shuttle water taxi provides post-activity relaxation that cannot be beat.  There simply is not a more relaxing outdoor adventure than sitting aboard the gently rocking vessel while enjoying the phenomenal views of Lake Dillon and the beautiful mountain backdrop, especially on an evening excursion as the sun is dropping behind a mountain silhouette. The shuttle captain offers an interesting narrative along the way about the history and ownership of the lake, its uses, as well as tidbits about the surrounding mountain ranges.

As if the water cruise itself is not enough, the wildlife sightings make it even better! The Summit Shuttle includes a swing by the island where enormous nesting platforms were built back in 1995 to aid in conservation of endangered osprey. In recent years, a Bald Eagle family has taken over the area, reigning over their island with the majesty for which our national bird is known. Moose, muskrats, and many other bird species among other wildlife might also be spotted on a Summit Shuttle ride.

The sun will set on the 2019 Summit Shuttle season in late September. Combine this adventure with your summer or fall visit to Breckenridge. Book Breck Vacation Homes has a variety of private homes, cabins, and townhomes for your Breckenridge Lodging needs and has all the insider tips you need to make the most of your Rocky Mountain vacation.

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