Book Breck’s white water rafting adventure with Browns Canyon Rafting:
It was a beautiful Wednesday morning and all I could hear was Shaun’s voice “Make sure you’re on time, please don’t be late” repeating in my head. Shaun is one of the owners of Browns Canyon Rafting based in Buena Vista and Idaho Springs, who helped plan our perfect raft trip.

Our group was made up of five ladies, and one lucky boyfriend who had the day off and was invited to join us – not exactly a group that you would trust to be on time when driving an hour to our meeting spot. To my relief though, everyone was in the parking lot putting on extra sunscreen fifteen minutes early!

Once we were sufficiently greased up we checked in at the main office and signed our waiver forms. We were then led outside where we were fitted with our stylish yellow “brain protectors” and trendy red life vests, pulled so tight they were reminiscent of a corset. Safety and fashion go hand in hand at Browns Canyon Rafting!

With our well fitted gear we hopped into the van for a short ride down to the boat put-in spot. At this time our guide, Collin, took the time to explain safety precautions and how to act once we were on the raft. With group’s skills ranging from absolute beginner to intermediate the safety lesson settled nerves and served as a good refresher for all.

Getting the raft down the stairs took team work and some muscle, but we were all quite proud once we set the raft in the water. Our Browns Canyon Rafting adventure started off as a gentle float while Collin shared some local history while we worked on our group paddling skills, “left side, right side… paddle hard!”

The real excitement began with class three rapids and many refreshingly cold splashes of water for the two of us up front. As the day continued the back of the boat was feeling pretty smug as they were still fairly dry but soon enough their time came and they were just as wet as the rest of us. (See their awesome faces below!)


Our white water adventure with Browns Canyon Rafting was such a great experience. For your own epic adventure with Browns Canyon Rafting call now to get help designing your perfect trip! Don’t forget to mention Book Breck for your 10% discount!

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