Pet Friendly Lodging in Breckenridge

B reckenridge is a dog-loving kinda town with a beautiful, fenced dog park (complete with mountain backdrop), merchants who have ``Doggie Hydration Stations`` at their doorsteps along Main Street, a big selection of dog-friendly restaurant patios, and free doggie waste bags in abundant supply throughout the town. The tourism office even puts out an annual Working Dogs calendar filled with adorable photos of office dogs, avalanche rescue dogs, and service dogs of all breeds and sizes. Our own Book Breck office dogs had a spot on the back cover one year (top center below)! So, why then, are pet-friendly accommodations for our guests so hard to find??
breckenridge pet friendly lodging

At Book Breck, we know you like to take your dogs on hikes and cuddle with them by the fire just as much as we do. We also know that some guests are allergic and that all guests want to stay in a vacation home that is meticulously clean with no signs of the guests (either 2 legged or 4) who stayed there before them. We are able to provide our guests with both! We have 6 beautiful homes in our portfolio ranging from 2 to 6 bedrooms where four-legged family members are also welcome to make themselves at home.Our standards of cleanliness are so high that if you were to tour all 20+ properties, we honestly believe you wouldn’t know which ones are our pet-friendly properties without being told. Approximately 50% of the guests in each pet-friendly home have a doggie or two, and the other 50% do not. We’re proud to say that none of our guests without pets have complained of residual pet hair or odors of any kind.

Each of our homes is identified in its description as being either pet-friendly or having a homeowner who visits with their own dog although guests are not allowed to bring pets. This is to protect guests who are highly allergic.

Planning a Breckenridge vacation and want your beloved doggo to tag along? Check out the Book Breck pet-friendly lodging options below. For our guests, we provide a list of where and how you can share the fun with your pet while staying in Breckenridge, as well as helpful information including the Summit County leash laws, shuttle rules, doggie daycare, and local veterinary services.

Did you know that if all pet-friendly lodging options are booked, you can still bring your dog with you to enjoy hiking and other fun activities? Lodge your dog at the Breckenridge Dog House. Pick him/her up for some outdoor adventures and then back to their own overnight hotel.

Two things Breckenridge locals want to make sure you know: 1) Always pick up after your pet and dispose of the waste bags in trash receptacles (do NOT leave them on the trail! 2) Keep your pet away from the wildlife! Do not allow your dog to go near, taunt, or bark incessantly at fox, moose, or bears. This could put your life as well as your pets life in extreme danger and subject the wild animal to being euthanized.

Book Breck Pet-Friendly Homes

Book Breck by 360 Blue is an award-winning vacation rental company located in Breckenridge, Colorado.

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