Taking Care of Your Investment

In this new world of social networking and multi-dimensional marketing, the basics of good customer service are often lost. In the realm of private vacation home rentals, this means good customer service for the homeowner as well as the guests.

We know that revenue is an important expectation by homeowners, but for many the care of their home is equally as important. We believe that rental revenue and a well-cared for home are inextricable. We believe that concern for maintaining the home for the future translates into immediate financial return because guests too appreciate a well-cared for home.

We do this by getting to know homes as well as we know our own, and then regularly visiting the home before and after reservations. During months when there are little or no reservations, we visit a home bi-monthly. We supply the home with eco-friendly products for guest use because we know these products are not only safer for our natural environment, they are also less harsh on your home and on your guests.

It all translates to a well-cared for home, happy guests and increased revenue.