At Book Breck our number one priority is taking care of your investment, your home. We want your home to look and feel the same each time you visit, whether it has only been a couple of months or a couple of years. By prioritizing the care of your home we ensure its extended value into the future.

We are not about maximizing capacity at your home in favor of making a quick dollar. We have made getting to know our guests a top priority. By taking the time to get to know our guests we are able to find them the right home for their Breckenridge vacation and to create a relationship with them.

Creating a relationship with our guests is also important because we want to make sure we have the right guest.  To us, the right guests are families that are going to treat your home with care and respect. Guests that are not solely fixated on price but rather on value and quality.

In line with building trusted relationships with our guests we also make a point to check in with each guest to verify that they are who they said they were going to be, but equally as important, to ensure that the home has met their expectations and that they are enjoying their Breckenridge experience. This allows us to answer any questions they may have as well as follow up on any minor or potentially serious issues that could cause damage to your home.

To ensure that the home meets guest expectations, prior to a guest arrival we go through the home with an extensive list to make sure that everything is operating as it should. We also turn on lights, turn up the heat in the winter, and make sure the hot tub is ready for their use ensuring they feel welcomed upon arrival.

In addition, after a guest checks out we do a thorough walk through of each home to check for damage and to ensure that everything is working properly. This is our time to make sure that all lights are working, TVs are functioning properly, and kitchen appliances are still working.

We work very hard to know when things go wrong, and to prevent damage by screening our guests, visiting them and limiting the amount of people allowed to stay in your home, but accidents can still happen. This is why we offer each guest CSA Damage Protection Insurance. This insurance covers guests up to $3000 in accidental damage. The guest simply needs to fill out a short form explaining what happened and we submit it on their behalf. Because the insurance cost was included in their initial deposit, any accidental damage comes at no additional cost to them.

With all this said, we know that revenue is also important. By having a target clientele we are able to focus our marketing efforts to ensure profitable income for your home while also ensuring your home’s value long into the future. We are regularly evaluating and changing our marketing strategies to keep with the trends of vacation rental.

This is a brief synopsis of who we are and what we do here at Book Breck Lodging, if what you have read is of interest to you we would love to meet with you. Our office is on the north side of town at 203 N Main in the heart of downtown Breckenridge and our phone number is (970) 453-2999. We are also available by email at book@www.bookbreck.com and encourage you to peruse our website where we have additional homeowner information. We look forward to meeting you!

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