Moose Madness April Sale

T he record-setting amount of snowfall in March 2019 certainly brought the moose out of hiding! Due to the snow being too deep even for these giant creatures, they tend to spend more time than usual in the roadways, driveways, and packed areas in town. Moose sightings are more common than ever. Take a look at these photos, some of which were taken by our own staff and others we came across on social media.

It’s a special time to be in Breckenridge! The temps are rising, but there is still an enormous amount of snow to be enjoyed…and moose to see. Book Breck wants to help you get here and we’re doing that with a special Moose Madness offer we’ve never done before. For the month of April only, we are accepting 2-night stays at the majority of our properties. Call us NOW or book online for a weekend getaway, or mid-week getaway- your preference. Like the snow, this offer won’t last!  970.453.2999

Book Breck by 360 Blue is an award-winning vacation rental company located in Breckenridge, Colorado.

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