Why You Need to Explore McCullough Gulch


There are hundreds of hiking trails to pursue in Breckenridge, but one of our personal favorites is McCullough Gulch Trail. This moderately challenging excursion guides you through the Blue River wilderness, introducing you to beautiful lakes, waterfalls, and mountain views along the way! If scenic hikes and outdoor fun are what you seek during your Breckenridge getaway, McCullough Gulch may well be worth a visit.

About McCullough Gulch Trail

The trail is 3.2 miles long and fairly popular, so expect to pass by a few fellow travelers. It begins along an old mining road and carries for half a mile before splitting into two separate paths. From here, you may choose to stay on the main path towards the upper valley or take a detour around White Falls Loop. No matter which trail you blaze, you will be greeted with spectacular views. As you travel further from the parking lot, you’ll begin to hear the splashing of smaller waterfalls. These cascades come from the upper lake, which marks the end of the trail and boasts plenty of nooks for you to explore. Don’t forget to look for Quandary Peak, the highest mountain in the Tenmile Range!

McCullough Gulch Trail’s difficulty is rated as moderate since its short distance makes it a quick journey for many. However, be aware that the trail starts above 11,000 feet above sea level and has a few steep stretches. If you are up to the challenge, the adventure is well worth it.


You may be visited by a few McCullough Gulch residents during your hike. Mountain goats, deer, moose, and porcupine are native to this area and have been seen by many travelers. Remember to never get too close to a wild animal. Doing so could make the animal feel threatened and become aggressive. However, they will be more than happy to pose for your pictures or let you admire their beauty from a distance.

More Activities on the McCullough Gulch Trail

There is much more to do on the trail aside from hiking! The lake at the trail’s end makes for a perfect fishing spot in the summer, and rainfall usually brings out gorgeous wildflower fields for you to wander through. During the colder months, the blanketing snow along the trail creates the perfect opportunity for a family snowball fight or building a snowman! Ski touring and snowshoeing are also popular activities in the winter and early spring. If you are a thrill seeker, mountain biking is permitted on the McCullough trail and the steep bits make for an exciting journey. No matter what time of year you visit the trail, you’ll always find something fun to experience.

Want to take the trail even further past McCullough Gulch? Consider a further trek onto the Pacific Tarn.

McCullough Gulch Trailhead

The main access point to the trail is 7 miles south of Breckenridge just past the Quandary Peak trailhead.

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