Mary’s Mountain Cookies

Sometimes baking Christmas cookies is just too hard. You have to find the recipe, go to the store, buy the ingredients, and then you actually have to make them! This is on top of all the shopping, decorating, party planning and family visits you already have to fit in this December. As if your schedule isn’t busy enough!

If this sounds familiar to you we suggest enlisting the help of Mary’s Mountain Cookies in Breckenridge. This small cookie shop is a sweet lover’s paradise and an overworked baker’s dream.

The classic ¼ pound cookies are so rich and decadent they are sure to satisfy any and all sweet tooth’s. Baked fresh daily Mary’s Mountain Cookies in Breckenridge serves the traditional classics such as buttery snicker doodles and crumbly oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Stacked alongside your favorites are their special creations that range from chocolate dipped cookies topped with fresh nuts and cookie sandwiches filled with cookie dough or homemade peanut butter frosting.

If all these cookies have you drooling Mary’s Mountain Cookies in Breckenridge will happily prepare a box of your favorite cookies and send them your way. Better yet if you are in town staying at one of our Breckenridge vacation rentals stop by the store at 128 South Main. The address is almost superfluous as you are sure to smell the freshly made cookies blocks before you see the store.

Mary’s Mountain Cookies in Breckenridge also sells a delicious array of homemade candy too! Grab a bag of chewy flavor filled gummy bears, some caramelized nuts or a dense gooey piece of fudge to round out your sweets collection.

As an added bonus for being a Book Breck guest you can get one free cookie with the purchase of one at Mary’s Mountain Cookies in Breckenridge!

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