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19th June 2019  Kristi Stanford

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troll returns to breckenridge

Odds are high that most visitors to Breckenridge in the Summer 2019 will have one activity in particular on their fun-things-to-do list, and that will be to visit Isak the Troll in his new location after his resurrection later this spring.

Who knew a giant wooden troll would create such controversy, tug the heartstrings of all who met him, and even be loved by those who never got the chance to see him last year?  Isak Heartstone was built with great love but with little forethought location-wise as a temporary piece of art for the Breckenridge Arts Festival in August 2018. Only weeks after his debut, town officials and neighbors near where Isak was stationed were taken by surprise at his enormous popularity which resulted in traffic jams, illegal parking, and neighborhood trespassing.

After some back-and-forth decision making, Isak was removed in a swift and piece mill fashion on November 15, 2018.  Thomas Dambo, the artist who built Isak and thousands of troll-loving fans took to social media to express outrage and/or accuse the Town of Breckenridge of being heartless and unappreciative of a beautiful piece of art.

Isak the Troll to return to Breckenridge
Isak’s sad disassembly

Many of the Breckenridge-bashing complainers were not fully informed in the backstory. Additionally, they chose to overlook the fact that a strong love of art and culture indeed existed which brought about Isak’s birth in the first place. The Festival which brought Isak to life is part of Breckenridge’s annual celebration of all forms of art.

Isak’s deconstructed remains went into storage in a secret location. Afterwards, a committee was assembled by town council to determine Isak’s fate. A great deal of research, polling, and discussion over the next 3 months ensued to ensure Isak’s new location would come with a sense of adventure yet be easily accessible to people of all ages and abilities while not disturbing any nearby residents. A mind to educating his visitors about care for our beloved environment was incorporated into the plans for his re-birth.

In early March 2019, the new location for Isak’s future home (near the Breckenridge ice skating rink, see map below) was announced along with outlines of why other locations were ruled out. The committee has also implemented plans to ensure that those who visit the troll do so in a responsible and sustainable manner (leave no trace, trail etiquette, etc.). Visitor behavior and travel patterns will be closely monitored to ensure sustainability.

New Troll location in Breckenridge
New Troll Trail Map

Isak’s reconstruction took place in May. The site and trail will be off limits until the trail renovations are complete.

We look forward to sharing photos of Isak’s resurrection with our readers after the site is made open to the public. We are also excited that our future guests will have the opportunity to meet Isak in person on a fun trail adventure.

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