Guest Visits

In line with building these trusted relationships with our guests we also make a point to visit each guest to ensure that the home has met their expectations and they are happy. This allows us to answer any questions they may have. We have found that guests are more likely to report small issues if someone is there in person asking.

This helps us ensure that we know everything that is going on with your home and prevents the guest from having to live with small inconveniences. We know that if we are able to fix the small things right away this will help all guests have an overall better Breckenridge experience.

We have also noticed that some guests won’t realize the severity of something going wrong, such as an empty hot tub, but by stopping by and learning this we are able to follow up on all seemingly minor problems before they turn into a serious issue.

Visiting guests also allows us to check on the care of your home. As we have mentioned the care of your home is our number one priority, this helps us take care of your home both before and after a guest arrives and departs and while they are here.