An Easy Mountain Bike Ride in Breckenridge

An Easy Mountain Bike Ride in Breckenridge

Easy Mountain Biking in Breckenridge, Colorado

If you’re anything like me this isn’t your first time on a bike but you’re also not totally ready to trust a thin piece of aluminum on two wheels to take you down a black diamond level bike trail quite yet. With this in mind I recommend the Sally Barber Mine Trail for an easy mountain bike ride in Breckenridge.

Depending on how long you want your ride to last there are two great starting points for this easy mountain bike ride in Breckenridge. The first of which is the longer of the two, park your car at the B&B Trailhead, just past the Country Boy Mine on Wellington. Wellington will have turned into a dirt road by this point and parking will be on your right hand side.

From here, unload your bike and head back out to the dirt road and turn left. This is where your climb will begin. If you are renting a bike from Alpine Sports, Christy Sports, or Carvers (where Book Breck guests receive a 20% discount) this is a great time to play with your gears and get the feel of your new bike.

Continue straight on the dirt road. The climb will slowly take you up the hill, where you will pass some beautiful homes in addition to a few other bike trails. The road will start to level out and there will be a large turnout on your right hand side, this is the second spot to start your easy mountain bike ride in Breckenridge.

From here your easy mountain bike ride truly begins. Approximately thirty yards up from the parking area there will be a fork in the road. Take a right and drop down slightly and ride through the opening in the gate. The gate is wide enough for your handle bars to easily fit through, just make sure you are looking where you want to go and not at the gate!

Once through the gate settle in and enjoy the scenery. You are now on a rocky old 4WD road. This is where your climb starts. The incline is subtle but you’ll eventually feel it on your legs. There will be a small stream on your left hand side and the surrounding trees provide some shade most of the way up.

This easy mountain bike ride in Breckenridge is just over a mile each way from the gate. At the top get off your bike and enjoy the beautiful views of town and read about Sally Barber Mine. You can catch your breath while you brush up on Breckenridge’s mining history.

The ride down is your reward! This easy mountain bike ride in Breckenridge is a great way to get comfortable with some speed as there is plenty of space allowing for some forgiveness. Be sure to keep an eye out for bikers and hikers on their way up though as Sally Barber Mine is quite a popular trail.

Remember to pack extra water and some snacks and enjoy your easy mountain bike ride in Breckenridge!

If you have any questions about this ride or Breckenridge vacation rentals please call us!

*Sally Barber Mine is also a great hiking trail if you want to leave the bike behind.

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