CSA Damage Protection Insurance

We work to catch everything or prevent damage by screening our guests, visiting them, and limiting the amount of people allowed to stay in your home, but accidents do happen. This is why we have each guest carry CSA Damage Protection Insurance. This insurance covers guests up to $3000 in accidental damage. The guest simply needs to fill out a short form explaining how what happened and we submit it on behalf of them. Because the insurance cost was included in their initial deposit, it comes at no additional cost to them.

The insurance is a great resource as it does not hold the guest responsible and will not go after the guest for financial reimbursement. This allows us to follow up on accidental damage without fear of upsetting a guest, as we are not holding on to part of their security deposit, just asking for more information. This allows us to stay cordial with our guests while learning what happened and in turn provides insight to how we can fix such damage.