Colorado Backcountry

Picture this… you finally made it to Breckenridge. You’ve skied the resort for a few days and are starting to wonder what all the backcountry hype is about. Colorado backcountry is any skier or snowboarder’s paradise. In the backcountry you leave the crowds behind in favor of untouched champagne powder, amazing views and vast amounts of impressive terrain that will leave you breathless.


A lone back country skier navigates fresh untouched Colorado snow on Baldy Mountain in Breckenridge

With the right guide anyone can head out into the pristine Colorado backcountry. Finding the right guide is key though, as you want and need someone that is educated and professionally trained in all aspects of snow safety.

When heading into the Colorado backcountry your safety is most important and that is why we are happy to recommend Alpine World Ascents. Each guide has completed years of education including extensive avalanche courses, wilderness medical training; all are certified AMGA ski guides.

The beauty of the backcountry stems from both its ungroomed terrain and the inherent challenge it possesses. When entering the Colorado backcountry you must be aware that nature is only unpredictable when you don’t know how to read the conditions. With a trained Alpine World Ascents guide you are ensured that your adventure in the backcountry will challenge and amaze you and will avoid putting you in harm’s way.


One of the most popular back country huts in Summit County, Janet’s Cabin.

Skiing the Colorado backcountry is a unique and invigorating experience that every level of skier can enjoy as long as you take the proper precautions and travel with a knowledgeable and trusted guide. We are proud to recommend Alpine World Ascents from personal experience and strongly believe in their backcountry skills as well as their great customer service.

Each Colorado backcountry experience can be catered to your ability and preferences. If your love of the backcountry leaves you wanting more than what is in our backyard, contact Alpine World Ascents as they would love to make your backcountry dreams a reality.

We are also happy to help point our Book Breck guests in the right direction to get outfitted with the necessary backcountry ski equipment needed to enter the Colorado backcountry, so just give us a call the next time you are in town.

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