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Fall hikes

Best Places & Hikes to See Fall Colors

24th August 2018   Kristi Stanford  

Best Places and Hikes to See Fall Colors In and Near Breckenridge: Fall can easily be summed up with a few simple terms: Fleeting and no filters needed. The colors before your eyes during the peak of leaf changing against a rocky mountain bluebird sky are so stunning it...Read More

quandary peak

Here’s How to Plan the Best Quandary Peak Hiking Trip

1st June 2018   Kristi Stanford  

At 14,265 feet, Quandary Peak majestically overlooks the Rocky Mountains as the highest peak in the Tenmile Range and the 13th highest in the entire state. Many Colorado visitors blaze the trail to the top for a fantastic mountain view you can’t find anywhere else. If you’re planning on...Read More

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Best Easy Hikes

13th July 2017   imaneeditor  

Best Easy Hikes in Breckenridge Even the die-hard hikers may enjoy an easy hike now and then, but especially for families and groups, easy hikes are fun for everyone.  Here are our favorites: Mayflower Gulch Not exactly in Breckenridge, but a short and pretty drive near Copper Mountain is...Read More

Boreas Pass: A Summer or Fall Must-See

24th June 2017   Kristi Stanford  

With autumn just around the corner, we can expect the Colorado foliage to begin trading its green hues for shades of warm orange, bright yellow, and deep red. Breckenridge is the perfect place to experience Colorado in the fall, and there are many areas to view this beautiful transition...Read More

breckenridge hiking

Breckenridge Hiking

12th June 2017   Kristi Stanford  

There are miles and miles of scenic Breckenridge hiking trails to be enjoyed right here in the area, some of which you can access without ever getting in your car! Breckenridge hiking offers something for every visitor. Whether you want to stroll through fields of wildflowers or summit a...Read More

Why You Need to Explore McCullough Gulch

10th June 2017   Kristi Stanford  

There are hundreds of hiking trails to pursue in Breckenridge, but one of our personal favorites is McCullough Gulch Trail. This moderately challenging excursion guides you through the Blue River wilderness, introducing you to beautiful lakes, waterfalls, and mountain views along the way! If scenic hikes and outdoor fun...Read More

Six of the Best Places to Go Hiking in Breckenridge

18th March 2017   Kristi Stanford  

Hiking in and around Breckenridge is a popular activity, not only because of the many mountain trails but also the spectacular views that await at the peak. The varying western terrain is also exciting, from forest creek beds to rocky summits. From beginner trails to expert climbs, here are...Read More

5 of the Most Interesting Facts About the Pacific Tarn

14th November 2016  Kristi Stanford  

The Pacific Tarn in Breckenridge, CO, is a magnificent lake at the top of the Colorado Rockies. Though a Pacific Tarn hike is for experienced backpackers, if you fit in that category and are looking for a new challenging expedition, the McCullough Gulch Trail will bring you to magnificent...Read More