You’ll Be Delighted by Breckenridge Sleigh Rides


For most of the country, winter sleigh rides are a whimsical idea mostly associated with Christmas songs and the general Days of Yore.

One of the many charming aspects of the area is how winter wonderland dreams come true. Breckenridge sleigh rides are such a popular activity, we have multiple options for you to choose from. Here are a few of the best sleigh rides in Breckenridge, Colorado to consider…

Breckenridge Sleigh Rides

Hot Chocolate Rides at Breckenridge Stables

Discover the magic of the Colorado mountains as your old-fashioned sleigh glides through open meadows, with incredible views of Peak One of the majestic Ten Mile Mountain Range.

Create a lasting memory as you hear the sleigh bells, take in the scenery, and warm up with rich, frothy hot chocolate.

On one of these scenic Breckenridge sleigh rides, a 35-45 minute journey includes beautiful views of the Ten Mile Range and the Continental Divide. Breckenridge Stables, also known as Breck Stables, will provide you with delicious hot chocolate to keep you warm during the ride.

The sleighs at Breckenridge stables are something special: they’re Amish handcrafted sleighs. With cushioned seats and sturdy backrests, they will carry you over the river and through the woods in comfort and style! Breckenridge Stables explains what makes their rides so special:

Their three sleighs can handle any group big or small: They’ve got one that holds 12-14 people and their 12-14 cups of hot chocolate. There is also a private vis-a-vis sleigh that holds up to 6 people for a more intimate experience. Got a big group? Our largest sleigh holds as many as 28 people!

They use two kinds of draft horses — Belgians and Percherons. Draft horses are strong, work-loving animals that are capable of pulling up to 4 times their body weight! Before your ride, ask your driver to introduce you to the team leading your sleigh — they love the attention!

Two Below Zero Sleigh Rides

Dinner Sleigh Rides

A delightful winter sleigh ride through a majestic Rocky Mountain landscape. Warm cocoa. Plates loaded with hearty home-made fare. Followed by a show featuring live musical entertainment that will get the whole family laughing and engaged. These Breckenridge dinner sleigh rides are sure to make your trip an unforgettable one!

Exclusive Sleigh Rides

The small intimate Santa Sleigh has curly runners and specially appointed cozy red blankets.
The sleigh is also a great way to celebrate an anniversary, birthday or any special occasion. (Four adults and two-lap children are the maximum capacity.) This particular sleigh has been host to weddings with the stunning Breckenridge backdrop. Last year, there were more 60 proposals on this sleigh ride!

Whichever Breckenridge sleigh rides you choose to enjoy, let us help you find the perfect place where you can return and warm your toes. View our available rentals at


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