Breckenridge Hot Air Balloon Rides

Make this vacation a memorable one by adding this unique experience to your list of Breckenridge adventure stories by contacting Colorado hot air balloon rides, (970) 887-1340. With trips taking off from Winter Park and Fraser Valley area, their service is closest in the state to Summit County and voted one of the Top 10 rides in the country.  This daring adventure provides a breathtaking flight over the beautiful Colorado Rockies (the longest mountain region in the United States). For the passengers, the anticipation begins to build as they get the opportunity to watch the balloon being inflated.  After climbing into the basket, the pilot heats the air inside the balloon allowing the balloon to gracefully ascend to a height which affords magnificent views of the mountains.  Upon return to the ground, a traditional champagne toast (a tradition over 200 years old), a continental breakfast, and a commemorative aeronautic flight certificate to authenticate your grand adventure bragging rights!

Summer OR Winter:   The thought of a winter ride is automatically associated with “It must be so cold up there!”   However, the warm air rises from sun lifts and the cold air from the mountain tops settles to the valley floor.  Guests often experience temperatures 30 to 40 degrees warmer in flight than on the ground.

breckenridge hot air balloon ride

Moose spotted on the ground below the hot air balloon

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If you have any questions about Colorado hot air balloon rides in Breckenridge please call (970) 887-1340.

For questions about Breckenridge vacation rentals give us a call at (970) 453-2999.


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