Breckenridge Green Lodging options for your family

Book Breck Lodging is moving… in a “greener” direction!

Book Breck Lodging is excited to announce that we are taking steps to replace current products and materials with more environmentally friendly options. Why is green lodging important? As residents of a place that provides such breathtaking examples of the beauty of nature, we are compelled to do our part to preserve it and to avoid careless harm and wasteful habits.

Our transition will take a while, however, because we do not want to start this shift by disposing of current supplies and causing needless waste. For example, you will notice energy efficient light bulbs mixed with old style bulbs. As the old products are used up, we will replace them with more eco-friendly alternatives. To name a few other examples, this means cleaning products such as laundry detergent and dishwashing liquids that do not include phosphates, paper products such as toilet tissue and office paper that include a percentage of post-consumer recycled content and bins that make recycling glass and plastic items easier.

The wonderful thing about being gentler on the environment is that in turn it is gentler on you! These new products mean less allergens so if you or someone in your party is sensitive to allergens, there is less chance of a reaction when staying in our homes. Even if you are not bothered by allergies, you can sleep well knowing that harsh chemicals have been avoided wherever and whenever possible. Already, our homes are being cleaned with only natural products! Green supplies equals green lodging.

We are excited to be dedicating ourselves to being more environmentally sensitive and more people friendly. The excitement comes from doing something we truly believe in and we hope that you will appreciate the benefits. We also hope that you will feel good knowing that your visit to this serene mountain town on top of the world is leaving less negative impact than it might if you were staying elsewhere.

We would love to hear your response to this new move, or to what you notice when you stay at one of our Breckenridge vacation rentals. We sincerely appreciate the feedback, recommendations and encouragement to keep us moving steadily in the green direction.

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