Breckenridge Green Business

Book Breck is thrilled to announce that we have been recognized by the Summit Daily for our green business practices! Our commitment to being Eco-friendly stems from feeling lucky enough to live in a naturally beautiful paradise and our desire to keep Breckenridge like this for as long as possible. As the owner of a Breckenridge Green Business, Imane follows her intrinsic desire to do right by all – the environment, our homeowners, and of course our guests.

As a dedicated Breckenridge Green Business we choose to outfit our homes with only Eco-friendly products whenever possible. We buy larger bottles of Natures Gates soaps and shampoos to prevent unnecessary waste of small plastic bottles. In addition, all of the paper products left in each Breckenridge vacation rental are made of recycled paper products. We have also enlisted the help of a special trash company to ensure that recycling at each home is easily accessible.

In addition, we have recently purchased organic, fair trade linens and towels for our new homes. We also work closely with our cleaners to ensure they are using Eco-friendly cleaning products when and where available. Book Breck’s commitment to being a Breckenridge Green Business means that we work hard to find the greenest option available without sacrificing quality.

By being a Breckenridge Green Business we have also met with the Breck Sustainability Committee and look forward to working more with them in efforts to promote green practices throughout Breckenridge.

If you are interested in reading the Summit Daily article that honors us as a Breckenridge Green Business click here for a link to the article.

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