Breckenridge Fairy Forest

H idden away on Peak 8 in Breckenridge is an enchanted patch of woods where fairies, gnomes, leprechauns, elves, and other mystical forest creatures make their home. It’s called the Fairy Forest.

As with all things mythical, the Breckenridge Fairy Forest mysteriously appears every year in June and disappears just as mysteriously every fall, before the snow comes. We don’t know where the creatures hide during the winter, that secret has yet to be discovered…

With each summer season, a new crop of magic arrives. The Fairy Forest dwellings are never the same from season to season. They like to mix it up and make us wonder what we will see next visit. Their “camp” starts small and grows throughout the summer and early fall until the time of their departure for winter.

Since they prefer a quiet and peaceful existence in their wooded home, you won’t find signs pointing the way or even detailed directions to the Fairy Forest. There are several different ways to get there, and we can only tell you it’s near the Sawmill Reservoir trail, a popular and well-known Breckenridge hike.

However, the Book Breck by 360 Blue staff loves to share insider tips with our guests. For our registered guests only, we provide three different trail options: Easy, Intermediate, or a Treasure Hunt hint list to really make it fun!

No matter the ages in your group or family, the Fairy Forest is sure to enchant. It’s a great addition to a fun itinerary along with a visit to Isak the Troll and a gondola ride. Throw in some other easy Breckenridge hikes, a stop at our favorite shops, and end the day painting your own fairy for a take-home souvenir.

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