Breckenridge 100 Bike Race

Mountain biking is a popular activity here in Breckenridge, CO, and the highlight of the summer is a premier off-road endurance race known as the Breckenridge 100. Not for the faint at heart, this race is known for being one of the most challenging cycling events, reaching high altitudes and looping through varied mountain terrain. The 12th annual Breckenridge 100 takes place this July and will challenge bikers to climb 13,719 feet over 100 miles!

About the Race

100 miles might pose a difficult feat for even the experienced biker, especially while climbing to higher altitudes. For other bikers who want in on the Breckenridge 100, there are 68 or 32 mile course options as well as a 3-person team relay option. For the 100 milers, the challenge awaits in a sprawling course arranged between three Breckenridge ski resorts. The cloverleaf loop will bring cyclists back through Carter Park after traversing a demanding network of backcountry trails, roads, and bike paths. The gorgeous mountaintop views will keep you pedaling as you cross the Continental Divide three times, climb 12,000 foot passes, and forge high mountain streams.

Record Racers & Registration

Past Breckenridge 100 results reveal that the records stand at 8:08 for men and 9:48 for women, set by Jeff Schalk and Sonya Looney respectively. Can you beat those times? If you’re serious about the race, even if you are shooting for a slower time, you can enter on the Warriors Cycling website. Your registration will include custom race clothing, an athlete gift bag, a post-race buffet, refreshments, and aid stations along the way.

Age divisions break up the competition, while relay team options are ideal for the cyclist who isn’t quite ready to brave it alone! With this selection, three cyclists will each take one loop of the course, lightening the overall load. On-site registration is also available, with check-in held on Friday, July 28 from 4-8 p.m. at Carter Park before the big race the next day. Saturday (day-of) registration is available for the shorter 68 and 32 mile courses.

Things to Do in Breckenridge

After your race or after cheering on racers in the Breckenridge 100, be sure to check out what Breckenridge, CO, has to offer during your stay. Restaurants await in town for a celebratory feast, while shops and art galleries are open for perusing. There is plenty of culture and history, as well as beautiful outdoor scenes. If you’re staying for the weekend or maybe even the whole week, consider hitting some other mountain biking trails before for a warm-up or after for a more casual ride with breathtaking views you will have more time to appreciate.

Rest After the Breckenridge 100

For a relaxing atmosphere after a challenging day, consider renting a Book Breck Vacation Home for the weekend. You can choose from 2-6 bedroom mountain homes, either close to the city or away from it all in the nature you enjoyed during your ride! With luxurious spaces, Jacuzzi tubs, and spectacular views, one of these homes will be just what you need to rejuvenate after a full day of cycling. For more ideas on what to do after the Breckenridge 100, read Book Breck’s area guide.

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