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Breckenridge Snowshoe Trails

Snowshoeing is a great Breckenridge winter activity for those who do not ski or need an outdoor activity on a non-skiing day. All snowshoe trails listed below have easy ascents and descents which make them great for a low-key, acclimation day before hitting the slopes.

Boreas Pass:  In the fall and summer, this road is heavily trafficked by vehicles, but closed to vehicular traffic in the winter months making it one of the best snowshoe trails in the county. The distance varies depending on how far you want to go, but grandiose views of the Ten Mile Range can be enjoyed from several overlooks only a short distance in making this trail ideal for a variety of ages and energy levels.  Take the trail further in and see historic Baker’s Tank, even further to Ken’s Cabin.

Getting there: Boreas Pass Road is at the junction of the last stop light on the south end of Breckenridge on Highway 9. Take Boreas Pass road west and enjoy the overlooks along the way. The road will dead end at the trailhead parking lot.

best breckenridge snowshoe trails
Overlook from Boreas Pass

Pence Miller:  Excellent town overlook opportunities on a trail that is mostly quiet year round.

Getting there:  Park in the South Gondola lot and park near the Pedestrian Tunnel next to Park Avenue. You will see a sign that says Watson Trailhead near the tunnel  entrance. Walk through the underground tunnel that passes under Park Avenue. The tunnel will come out on the other side of Park Avenue at Mountain Thunder Lodge. Take the trail that runs to the right of Mountain Thunder Lodge and follow it to the Pence Miller trailhead.

best breckenridge snowshoe trails
Overlook from Pence Miller trail

Sallie Barber: Another great trail that ends with the fun reward of exploring some of the Breckenridge rich mining history.  The hike in is a gradual ascent with the beauty of the surrounding peaceful woods.  Out and back is an easy 2.8 miles round trip. Beyond the end of the Sallie Barber trail, other trails branch out which lead to the B&B trailhead system.

Getting there: Turn left onto Boreas Pass Road at the south end of Breckenridge, going south on Highway 9. Turn left onto Baldy Road and then right onto Sallie Barber. Park at the end of Sallie Barber Road close to trailhead sign.

best breckenridge snowshoe trails
Sallie Barber trail

Mayflower Gulch: Not exactly in Breckenridge, but a short and pretty drive to the west is a beautiful trail for Breckenridge visitors, again with big rewards at the end. You’ll catch glimpses through the trees of the incredible mountain range beyond the mining ruins at the end of this trail. The gradual ascent climbs to 12,000 feet.

Getting there:  From Breckenridge, drive north on Highway 9. Take I-70 west towards Copper Mountain and take the Copper Mountain exit. Turn left and drive south on Highway 91 for 6 miles to the Mayflower Gulch parking lot on the left side of the highway. If you pass Clinton Reservoir on the left side of 91, turn around and go back 2 miles.

best breckenridge snowshoe trails
Mayflower Gulch

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