3 of the Most Delicious Bakeries in Breckenridge CO

Bakeries in Breckenridge:   Delicious Fun Any Time of Year

No matter what activities you undertake in Breckenridge, you’re likely to work up an appetite! Whether you’re skiing in winter, hiking in summer, or biking any time, you’re bound to burn some calories, and look forward to making them up. These three bakeries in Breckenridge CO can meet your taste buds’ expectations and fill your belly after a long day on the slopes–or prepare you with a hearty, delicious breakfast before you go out.

Of course, when it comes to these three bakeries in Breckenridge CO, just about any excuse to eat there will do.


Breckenridge cookies

Mountain Top Cookies

Breckenridge bakery

Mountain Top Cookies

Mountain Top Cookie Shop is locally owned and operated since 2006 (formerly Mary’s Mountain Cookies).  We have been serving hot fresh baked cookies to the locals and visitors of Breckenridge, CO ever since. Located on Main Street in Breckenridge, you can’t miss the delicious aroma pulling you down the street toward our quaint little mountain store. We are open seven days a week from 10-10 daily. Armed with a staff of cookie lovers, we are always ready and excited to fill hungry bellies!

We have added our delicious gift crates, which range in price and product, and are ready to be ordered. If you have any questions, you can email us at breckenridgecookies@gmail.com or call the shop at 970-547-4757. Also, we specialize in bulk ordering for weddings, special gifts, and businesses.  Again, please call the shop or email us to discuss details and pricing.

La Francaise Bakery

pastries shop

Breckenridge bakery

La Francaise is one of the bakeries in Breckenridge CO whose reputation requires no marketing. The shop’s Facebook page will keep you up to date on any specials or new items. Reviews from locals and visitors alike are glowing. The frozen and hot drinks with flavored whipped cream, the chewy crunchy meringues, the stunning French pastries, and of course the breads offer more variety than you’ll be able to experience in just one trip. The croissants are a classic yet exceptional choice.

There’s a variety of croissants, from plain to ham and cheese and more. And the whipped cream is loaded mountain high, to match the environment! This tucked away bakery might be easy to miss, but don’t! It’s tucked in a cluster of shops off Main and South Park Avenue.

Clint’s Bakery & Coffee House

deli and snacks

A favorite Breckenridge bakery

At Clint’s, you’ll find an upstairs/downstairs situation. Upstairs you’ll find coffee and ice cream. Downstairs is where you can buy breakfast and bagels. The hearty, yummy breakfasts can get you geared up for a long day on the slopes. The coffee can get you warmed up after one.

And the ice cream? Well that’st just good any time.

The deli style setup makes it easy to get in and out with your treats–and even consider packing some in your backpack to go with you on the slopes, whether you’re skiing or hiking.

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