10 Reasons Why Breckenridge has the Best Snow Conditions in Colorado

Colorado is known around the world as a haven for powder hounds searching for the next big thrill.

So why does Breckenridge stand out as having the best snow around?

1. 14ers are more than just scenery

Our peaks are nestled among a host of Colorado’s famous “fourteeners.”

In Colorado, there are a total of 53 peaks that rise 14,000 feet or higher. From Breck, you can see three of them: Quandary, Grays Peak and Torreys Peak.

From the top of the Imperial Lift many more 14,000 foot peaks in the heart of the Rockies are visible, including Mt. Massive, Mountain of the Holy Cross, and even Pike’s Peak away in the distance.

Not only are they a spectacular sight, they also have a big influence on snow conditions in Breckenridge.

2. Our mountains make their own weather

Joel Gratz, the founder of OpenSnow.com, explains Breckenridge’s propensity for big snow due to orographics perfectly when he says: “Understanding the location of mountain ranges is important because big mountains create their own weather.”

The towering peaks surrounding Breckenridge increase the chances of fresh snow at the ski resort.

Moist air is forced to travel over the summits, and when it reaches the point of condensation, the snow begins to fall – right over beautiful Breckenridge.

3. Our orographic lift is epic

Even the meteorology in Breckenridge is epic! Since the resort rests at such a high elevation, it’s subject to “orographic lift.”

This term refers to air masses moving to higher elevations, and it’s responsible for the yearly average of 300 inches of snow in Breckenridge.


4. Storms from the north and west bring new powder

When it comes to getting optimal weather conditions for snow, you can’t beat a 50% chance of perfect ski weather.

Because of the resort’s location, storms coming from the west, northwest and north yield healthy shots of powder.

5. We measure our snowfall in feet, not inches

Yes, our reports give snowfall figures in inches, however, when you convert our average snowfall each year into feet, you get over 25 feet of snow.

6. Our team of official weather observers accurately reports conditions daily

We have a team of eight ski patrollers trained specifically to ski out to our snow stake and measure the snowfall each morning between 4:45 and 5:00 am.

7. We take the measurement of daily snowfall seriously

Training our patrol members is just the beginning.

We have a very specific process for measuring the snowfall every morning as well as measuring the settled base. We aim to give you the most accurate snow report every day.

8. You can check the snowfall and conditions yourself.

Our snow stake is located in the back bowls on Peak 8 near the bottom of 6 Chair.

A 24-hour time-lapse camera records new snowfall, and you can watch it online.


9. Our snow conditions are perfect for skiers of every level.

Breckenridge resort spans several peaks and elevation levels, offering a variety of terrain and opportunities for fresh tracks.

Soft groomers abound for beginner and intermediate carvers, while experts can experience deep powder in the bowls and glades.

10. We make all important snow reports easily accessible.

We compile all the stats, measurements and weather info into one comprehensive snow report.

Before you head out for the day you can check out everything you would ever want to know about the snow.

From mountains made for creating perfect snow conditions to a staff of professionals dedicated to providing you with the most accurate snow reports possible, Breckenridge has optimal conditions for your next ski vacation.

Click here to see more Breckenridge mountain stats and see this article at it’s original source at www.Breckenridge.com

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